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EXCLUSIVE ENGINEERINGin Internet of things

  • We are in kitchen IoT
  • We do end-to-end platforms and SDK
  • We specialize in customer support and voice control
Customer support SDK

Product Definition

Everybody can solve correctly defined problem. To define problem correctly – that’s the real problem.

Product definition should go through next main decision points:

  • Main purpose of IoT feature in the product
  • IoT communication protocol
  • Compatibility with existing aliances
  • User Interface type
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No one wants it until he see it.

Prototype is the fast and cheap way to get sense of the IoT product.

It can be done in next levels:

  • Mobile app map of screens – allows to sense features of the product
  • Mobile app demo – allows to sense UI
  • For existing product, that is going to be converted to IoT one, microcontroller with IoT communication protocol support can be added to get actual control over appliance

In many cases prototype can be done faster and cheaper, if it’s not going to be continued to mass production. It ”wasting” money, but allows to avoid fault investments.

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User Experience

Not nice solutions do not work.

User experience approach should be consistent trough all aspects of the product.

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Simplicity is the goal.

Next aspects of manufacturing should be considered for preparing the product to mass production:

  • Easy replacing of components
  • Ability to change manufacturer
  • Stable functioning over geographical areas
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There are always problems – find them before your client.

Testing of IoT product is done in phases with consideration in the way to market:

  • Direct testing of specification features
  • Multi-user, simultaneous control testing
  • Crowd testing
  • Random automatic testing
  • Self-testing for manufacturing and customer support
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Happy customer brings another customer, unhappy customer takes away 10 potential customers.

IoT products are combination of usual products with high technologies. The way of raising awareness of end users and their appropriate attitude to these products is still under exploring and requires consistency from all support commands.

IoT ability allows new options in the maintenance phase:

  • Monitoring of usage and its correctness
  • Verifying of validity of being used replacing parts
  • Updated information for effective support
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Data Mining

Know your client and let him enjoy knowing himself.

Cloud data base should be structured in the way that allows collecting all useful information per each user permission.

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